#YeToo Speaks Some Truth, Has Trump Been Stumped? And The ADL Shows Its True Purpose


And what is that purpose? To destroy competition

"It's okay when we do it!". And that is not limited to the left or right. They both have always done this. And when they don't get their way, they resort to:

In case you didn't know, Ye (formerly Kanye West) recently said some factual things about people who call themselves Jews. So the media accused him of being an anti-semite, caused companies to shut him down, kick him off platforms, cancel business deals, and many other things to hurt him as much as possible.

With no inquiry into why he said what he did, they proved his point on how people who call themselves Jews have disproportionately done things to fuck him over, have tons of control over media, Hollywood, banking, and so on.

This is called being #YeToo'd, in reference to the Hollywood whores that had buyers remorse 20+ years later for letting Harvey Weinstein give them a part in a movie for sex. Although if you really were raped, I am not calling you out for hypocrisy. Only the whores who admitted they met him for a "meeting" at a hotel room (seriously, how dumb can those people be?).

I was #YeToo'd for the first time back in 2005 for daring to ask some minor questions about the country of Israel. Long story short: anyone can get #YeToo'd. It's not limited Jewish people doing it to you. In fact, the first people who #YeToo'd me were so called "Christians when it's convenient", that think they're going to get bonus points from God once they die, because they turned a blind eye to evil... You see, there's a convenient excuse for anything you do as long as the mob is on your side (like the scamdemic)... Just don't look in the mirror too hard, or you'll get #YeToo'd as well.

And I don't blame Jewish people as a whole for this

Individuals are responsible for their own actions. But the media ignores the points he made, and also proved him right. Because when you can shut someone down for criticizing your actions, you get rid of your competition so you can do whatever you want.

And that brings me to Trump...

Though my opinion on him is the same as it's always been: I like him, he's funny / has done a lot of good, I was never ignorant of his bullshit, but I will never trust him, and he's not the monster the media says he was... With that said, I think the Trump has finally been stumped. Why?

Because today, when being asked about the twitter poll Elon Musk did on reinstating Trump on Twitter, all he had to say was the following, and keep in mind this is while the US is being destroyed by death from 1,000 cucks:

So Israel's power is the most important thing as President of the US?

If I had power, I'd do what Ron Paul wanted: remove the Empire we have around the world, with all it's military bases, and let every country fend for themselves. We never should have been the world's police.

The best thing that can happen now is for a financial crash like 2008 and worse. It's about the only thing next to open war that could remove crooks from power. Boycotting is nice too, because 3rd party corporations like Twitter and all mainstream media, have been used to manufacture consent to manipulate people for years.

But it's a shame so many people still choose to support companies who want to destroy them.

By doing that, people signal they have no self respect

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